Who are We?

A Perfect Cultural Tour Agency in Mto wa Mbu

Started in 1996 after 1-year pilot project in 1995 With the great support of NETHERLANDS DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (SNV), collaborated with TANZANIA TOURIST BOARD (TTB), MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES & TOURISM (MNRT) and other stake holders including WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION

The small town of Mto Wa Mbu at the entrance to Lake Manyara National Park is a vibrant center of Tanzania’s diverse cultures. As a center of local agriculture, the town is famous for its rice cultivation and the distinctive red bananas for which Tanzania is known. On a half-day walking tour of the town accompanied by a local guide, travelers will have the opportunity to interact with local farmers, artisans and painters. A tasting of the local banana beer provides a unique flavor.

Some 120 tribes live in this cross-cultural melting pot. It’s fascinating to hear the colorful mix of languages and experience firsthand the unique customs. The cultural diversity is also evident in the various entrepreneurial activities, such as a farmer from Kigoma who makes palm oil from palm trees he bought on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, or the Rangi who make colorful, beautiful mats and baskets from papyrus found in the lakes and rivers.


Poverty alleviation in rural communities while maintaining Gender balance and raising Local community participation in the tourism in order to enhance economic empowerment, ecological & cultural sustainability in the community.


To promote cultural tourism all over the country with Sustainable and Authentic cultural tourism while offering cultural products value market chain both domestic and international.


Our office is located at red banana building in the center of town, next to Scorpion Restaurant here you can meet a guide who can also help you find accommodation in a lodge, campsite or guest house in the village. Arrangement of any tour can be made with your guide.

A visit to Mto wa Mbu includes:

  • A walk thought the farms in the green oasis at the foot of the rift valley
  • A climb to Balaa Hill from where you can see the whole town
  • A view into the culture of the many different tribes living in the area
  • A trip to the Miwelani lake waterfall
  • A visit to the development projects that aim at improving agriculture and start income generating activities for the farmers
  • Explanation about the irrigation system